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You now have a functional website looking and working as per the wireframe. It is answering in the most efficient way possible the needs of your target audience. It is now time to test the website again to be certain everything works as expected. It is also the moment to make sure SEO is functioning correctly.
Never forget that the launch of a website is not an end in itself. A continuous change of content (news, blog) and keeping a code up to date is primordial for the website to be highly ranked on the search engines.

Key points

  • Check complete website – Testing phase
  • Launch – Check list for successful launch
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Key Terms

Launch: It represents the moment where the website will be live and available to your users.
Search Engines: They are websites which list other websites depending on a search query made by the user. Example of these websites are Google, Bing…


For complete website:
Projects start from £500.
E-commerce developement start from £2500.