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Thanks to the newly created wireframe, it is time now to either choose a template from our range or opt for a customised template which answers your users’ needs in a better way. This stage is also about checking that you follow precisely your wireframe and keep in mind that (usually) your user is not you. Here we are talking about “frontend development”.

Key points

  • Search for or create a template
  • Make sure this template accurately follows the wireframe
  • If possible double check with some “actual” or “future” users

Key Terms

Template: It is the front design of your website; what is viewable to your users.
User Interface (UI): The UI is composed of the template and its functionalities. It is how the website will answer to the demands of its users.
Frontend development: It is all the development based on what the user is going to see and interact with.


For complete website:
Projects start from £500.
E-commerce developement start from £2500.